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Genjo Sanzo | Saiyuki | Not Reserved


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Name/Work Name: Genjo Sanzo (Buddhist name and title), Kouryou (childhood name) / Jiang

Canon: Saiyuki

Canon Point: Chapter 35-ish from Saiyuki Reload (sometime after the demon!Hakkai and Seiten Taisei battle. He would have been traveling with Hazel at this point.)


Age: 23


Wiki link:

Personality: Sanzo is an abrasive man. He doesn’t do niceties, doesn’t play well with others, and has a very short fuse on his very volatile temper. Despite being a priest, he’s not the sort to dole out condolences and advice tempered with compassion. Sure, he’ll still give you the truth you need to hear, but you can be sure he won’t sugarcoat it to make it easier to swallow. So while his insights can be profound, they’re not always pleasant.

His view of the world is just as brutally honest: it’s a place where those who kill should expect to be killed in turn, and the only person you can rely on is yourself. He learned the hard way as a child not to have earthly attachments after he witnessed the murder of his teacher/adoptive father. Koumyou Sanzo sacrificed himself for young Genjo, and he ultimately blamed himself for not being strong enough prevent the entire thing from happening. Their close bond got Koumyou killed; therefore, Sanzo sees most emotional attachments (as they pertain to him personally) as a weakness he can’t afford. He has based his way of life around the concept of muichimotsu, or "hold nothing," essentially meaning that everything in life is transient and the only way to avoid suffering is to have no earthly attachments at all.

This hasn’t stopped Sanzo from making some friends and allies though, despite his best efforts to avoid them. There’s the young Son Goku that Sanzo released from a long, solitary imprisonment; there’s Cho Hakkai, who Sanzo took responsibility for after he was charged with a mass murder; and Sha Gojyo, a snarky womanizer that was taking odd jobs from Sanzo for a time. They travel together now under orders from the canon Buddhist powers-that-be, which is one of the few voices of authority that Sanzo will actually respect.

Even though he’ll take orders and quests from the higher-ups, that doesn’t mean that Sanzo is a particularly well-behaved priest in any other aspect. He smokes, drinks, kills when necessary, and is generally ill-behaved. You won't find remorse about any of those from this priest. He has his own brand of Buddhism and his own way of living. He's self-assured and set on his path, and he does not appreciate those who try to lecture him about it.

Debt: Shortly before his canon pull point, Sanzo witnessed the near murder of Son Goku by a fellow Sanzo priest. The man’s name is Ukoku, and Sanzo is overtaken with a rare, purely murderous need for revenge on him after holding Goku’s broken body in his arms. The only thing that could convince him to even temporarily give up his identity as a Sanzo priest is information on Ukoku: namely, where to find him and how to kill him.

Suitability: Sanzo is definitely not the subservient type. Not at all. He regularly calls his travelling companions his servants (not only for appearances, but also to annoy them as much as possible), and he is not one to do grunt work if he can avoid it. He’s also not generally respectful of authority. So taking all that into consideration, he would likely be extremely discontent with his situation in Koriko. He’ll grumble and complain and be outright disobedient at times. However, since he’s actually driven to be there by some very strong emotions, he’ll be swallowing his pride a lot more often than he usually would. Not all the time mind you, but he’ll do it.

Previous Game Info: N/A

Inventory: A Sanzo’s traditional garb consists of a robe, metal breastplate, and a crown, so he would be wearing all that over his usual clothing: jeans, a fitted black top, and black arm covers. There are four items he won’t go without if he can help it: a pack of Marlboro red cigarettes, a paper fan (perfect for swatting noisy companions), a Smith & Wesson M-36 revolver, and the Maten Sutra. The latter is of particular importance to him, and it’ll be the first thing he’ll try and get back. With his name gone it will be the only real thing that keeps him tied to his identity as a Sanzo priest.

Abilities, Strengths, and Weaknesses: Physically, Sanzo isn’t the strongest guy. He’s agile, resilient, and can hold his own in a fight, but he lacks stamina and brute strength. His best trait in a combat situation is his marksmanship with a gun. If in possession of his sutra, he can also activate its ability to banish demonic presences with a chant. Being a holy man despite all appearances, he does have the ability to sense strong auras and see through minor illusions (though the latter can also be chalked up to strength of mind).

Mentally, Sanzo’s strongest trait is his sheer stubbornness. It’s half of what keeps him alive most of the time. However, that same stubbornness (along with his pride) has also gotten him close to getting killed more than once. His lack of team spirit is also a weakness. Even when he needs the help of others, he much prefers to try and do things on his own.


Characterization Sample:

Sanzo lit up the last cigarette in his pack and leaned back in the cheap wooden chair the inn had provided. It was a rare occasion when every member of the Sanzo party could each get their own room, and they had all taken to them enthusiastically. Sanzo was appreciating the silence in particular. No arguing or idiotic banter. Just quiet.

Well, on the surface anyway. But wasn’t that how it always went?

It was like the youkai stalking them waited for this sort of opportunity. Hell, these ones probably had, and they likely thought they were so much more clever than all their comrades who had been taken down out on the road. They would wait until the Sanzo party was separated and then take them down one by one. They probably thought the team would be so weak separately, particularly the single human. Sanzo exhaled a stream of smoke and propped his cigarette against the rim of the ashtray, fully intending to come back to it after he took care of things. Already he could hear them sneaking around just outside the window. What a pain the ass. Would he ever have a peaceful night to himself again?

When the window was smashed in, Sanzo was already on his feet with his firearm in hand. The demon standing amongst the broken glass barely had time to register the gun in his face before it went off. One down, another two or three left to go. Sanzo watched as they poured in, their demeanor going from cocky to unsure to terrified as they fought and he took them down. What, Sanzo wondered, had they been expecting? They knew the stories. Maybe they thought the youkai in his own group did all of the killing. Maybe they thought Sanzo would hesitate before he went for a headshot.

No, Sanzo didn’t hesitate to kill in his own defense, and he hadn’t for a very long time. Sometimes he still remembered that first time: a human man, leering at Sanzo who was still a child then, his intentions clear by the roaming of his eyes and the jeering of his friends. He’d been as much a monster as any maddened youkai. More so, even, because his particular brand of cruelty wasn’t the effect of an external force like that of the Minus Wave. Yet Sanzo had still stared at the man's body after, horrified by the gore and the fact that he had just violated such a great taboo: don’t kill. The gun in his shaking hands had felt simultaneously like salvation and the path to hell. That death, and the weight of every death he caused thereafter, had weighed on Sanzo for years.

Looking into the face of the final youkai in his hotel room, Sanzo still remembered how he used to feel about having to murder to survive. He remembered, but there wasn’t a trace of that remorse or doubt left in him as he pulled the trigger one last time.

Then he turned back to the table and reached out for the cigarette. To his disappointment, it had already burned itself to the filter. Sanzo sighed and crushed the filter between his fingers as Hakkai came in, no doubt checking on everyone after doing away with his own band of assassins.

When asked if he was alright, Sanzo dropped the filter back into the ashtray with a look of disgust.

“I’m going to need more cigarettes, damn them.”


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