Jun. 24th, 2014

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Canon Name: Genjo Sanzo / Kouryuu

Work Name: Jiang

Canon: Saiyuki

Age/Sex/Gender: 23/Male/Male



Species/Supernatural Qualities: Human / He can see through minor illusions, sense auras, and dispel demonic presences.

Occupation/s: N/A

Point Total: N/A

Inventory: N/A

Other Notes: I’ll fill that all out after the game has started.


Platonic Physical Contact: Feel free to give it a shot! It’s okay with me, but not with Sanzo/Jiang. He’ll either be extremely irritated or downright violent as a reaction, depending on how much he doesn’t like you already.

Romantic/Sexual Physical Contact: Ahaha YOU CAN TRY. Again, it’s fine with the mun here, but with Sanzo: NOPE. That is, it’s out of the question if he barely knows you (get ready to dodge some bullets- literally, he’s working on getting his gun back). Won’t completely rule this out for the future. Let’s give our characters a chance to know each other and interact before we discuss it.

Violent Physical Contact: Now this is something both Jiang and I can get on board with. Just expect him to respond in kind.

Mindreading: Sanzo is pretty strong willed, so he might not be a completely open book, but feel free to take a look in there and see what you can find.

IC Personal Boundaries/Warnings: Sanzo is a grump. He’s very particular about his personal space and he doesn’t like being told what to do- so as you can imagine, he’ll be extremely irate in-game, particularly near the beginning.

OOC Personal Boundaries/Warnings: None that I can think of.

Other Notes: Breaking the fourth wall is okay, but if you feel uneasy about it or want to know about Sanzo’s canon pull point, don’t be afraid to ask.


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