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Genjo Sanzo, 31st of China (Official Title- He most often goes by Sanzo.)

Kouryuu (Adoptive Name- only maybe a couple of people alive know this.)

NICKNAMES: None, unless you want to get yourself shot.

AGE: 25


HAIR: Blonde

EYES: Violet

HEIGHT: 5'10''

WEIGHT: 141 lb

BUILD: He's rather slim with slight amounts of muscle, making him more wiry than built.


SEXUALITY: Sanzo expresses zero interest in sex and relationships in canon. All of his closest bonds are with men, and mun here is most comfortable with M/M, so that is what this version of Sanzo will lean towards if the situation arises.

As for in-universe pairings, mun is a multishipper. I'll leave it at that ;D

OCCUPATION: He is a Buddhist priest of the highest rank, a title known as "Sanzo." He is one of only four individuals who are granted this title. At the moment, he's on a mission assigned to him by beings called the Three Aspects to stop the resurrection of an ancient demon named Gyumaoh.

CURRENT RESIDENCE: None at the moment, as he is constantly traveling across the land of Shangri-la. When he's not in his band's Jeep, he's at an inn or camping out somewhere for lack of better accommodations.


Rin Toku - father, assumed deceased.

Kouran - mother, deceased.

Koumyou Sanzo - adoptive father, deceased. The only parent Sanzo ever knew.

SIBLINGS: None known of.

OTHER RELATIVES: None known of.


Son Goku: A demon boy Sanzo found inside of a prison atop a mountain. He sought Goku out after hearing the boy calling out to him in his head for days on end (despite Goku not being aware that he was calling out for anyone). Sanzo ended up taking the boy in and raising him from there. While Sanzo often finds Goku incredibly annoying and berates him constantly, Goku is incredibly important to Sanzo and vice-versa. Despite the fact that Goku is a demon, it's Goku who keeps Sanzo grounded and human in the worst of circumstances.

Cho Hakkai: A healer and a demon Sanzo was first sent to hunt down on charges of mass murder. They now travel together under the orders of the Three Aspects. Hakkai is the most mature of their traveling party and is the one Sanzo trusts most to keep things together, whether they're planning out their course or strategizing in a battle.

Sha Gojyo: A perverted half-demon Sanzo met when first trying to find Hakkai. They now travel together under the orders of the Three Aspects. The two often butt heads, and when left alone it's inevitable that they will begin to argue. During a fight though, they'll cover for one another- to an extent.


Almost every demon in Shangri-La: Well, yeah. The experiments being done to revive the demon Gyumaoh have driven most of the demons in the land mad, leading them to attack any human they can get close to. On top of that, many demons are working under the orders of the man in charge of the revival and are hunting Sanzo down in order to take his sutra, which is vital to the process. The rumors going around demonic circles that the flesh of a Sanzo will grant eternal life when eaten doesn't help at all either.

Kougaiji: The son of Gyumoah. He doesn't really care that much about his father and has his own reasons for helping the revival process along, but that doesn't mean he and his band won't fight Sanzo and his party on occasions that call for it. Really, Kougaiji and Sanzo are more like occasional rivals than actual enemies.

Nii Jianyi/Ukoku Sanzo: A rogue Sanzo priest that is currently running the experiments to revive Gyumoah. He also has some very deep ties to Sanzo's past that Sanzo isn't fully aware of. Out of everyone in the land of Shangri-la, it's Ukoku that is most dangerous to Sanzo, and Sanzo despises him.


Genjo Sanzo is a Buddhist priest of the highest order, the holiest in the land- except, he doesn't act like it. Despite being so very holy, Sanzo is also the most sacrilegious monk you are likely to meet. He smokes, drinks, and curses with impunity. On top of that, he won't hesitate to kill if he needs to. Sanzo is also well known for his short-temper and overall foul mood and has little patience for... well, anything that annoys him. At best, he's perpetually bored or disinterested-looking; at worst, he's lethally pissed-off.

But despite all that, Sanzo IS a priest for a reason and can act the part of a professional monk flawlessly if the occasion calls for it. It is his duty to protect the Maten Sutra he wears over his shoulders, and he takes this responsibility very seriously, as the scripture was gifted to him by his late master. He's well-versed in Buddhist scripture and beliefs, and even managed a temple before embarking on his current mission by the orders of the Three Aspects.

Being human, Sanzo's stamina and strength doesn't match up with those of his demonic companions', but he is still more than capable in a fight. He has two weapons at his disposal, the first being his Maten Scripture. If given time to say the appropriate chant, the scripture can be used as an offensive weapon and can do great harm to demons. The second weapon is a Smith & Wesson M-36 revolver, which he uses as a casual threat with his companions. Don't let this fool you though, as he's an expert marksman on the battlefield.


Sanzo is a stoic, rational, and distant individual who is loath to admit he has any personal ties to anyone. Despite this, he does care for his three traveling companions and will go out of his way to protect them. To strangers, he most often seems aloof and distant. Sanzo does however have a sharp eye and a keen mind, making it hard to fool him.

Although he spurns most traditional Buddhist practices, Sanzo is rather wise for a man of his age. He often delivers advice and insight in a straightforward way, and will actually help those who need it on occasion, though he usually only does so when prodded by his party.


PAST LIFE: If we're going to talk about history, then we might as well go all the way back to 500 years ago when a god named Konzen lived in heaven. He was very much like Sanzo, though less jaded and less rough around the edges. When the demon Son Goku (nothing more than a small boy really) was brought in chains to heaven, the golden-eyed demon was made to be Konzen's responsibility. The two, along with Kenren and Tenpou (past lives of both Gojyo and Hakkai respectively) were embroiled in an uprising against heaven and were all killed in the process, excepting Goku. Goku had his memories erased and was locked in a mountaintop prison, where Sanzo would find him 500 years later. Konzen, Tenpou, and Kenren were all sentenced to painful earthly existences in their next lifetime as punishment for their rebellion, which is when we meet them in their reincarnated forms in Saiyuki.

PRESENT LIFE: Sanzo was born to a young woman named Kouran. His father, a government official, went missing sometime during the duration of her pregnancy, leaving Kouran to conceive Sanzo alone. She died soon after.

Her infant son was then found floating downriver in a basket by Koumyou Sanzo, an eccentric but kind Sanzo priest. Koumyou raised the infant, naming him Kouryou, right up until Kouryou was about 13 years old. In that time, Kouryuu came to respect and love Koumyou as his father. Then came the single most devastating moment of Kouryuu's life: a pack of demons infiltrated their temple looking for the holy sutras that Koumyou kept under his protection. Koumyou lost his life protecting Kouryuu, who unfortunately was witness to the extremely bloody and gory murder of his only family.

Kouryuu, who had always been under suspicion from the other monks due to his strangely colored eyes and equally strange attitude, was implicated in having something to do with his master's death. What the monks of the temple saw on Kouryuu after the murder, however, silenced their protests: because Kouryuu now bore the red chakra on his forehead only awarded to Sanzo priests. Just before the demons broke in, Koumyou had granted Kouryuu the position of Sanzo and gifted him with his Buddhist title: Genjo, 31st of China.

After the murder of his master, Genjo Sanzo left the temple to hunt down the demons responsible for Koumyou's death and find the one sutra they had successfully stolen. During the next four years he lived and traveled alone, learning to kill and survive as he struggled with the weight of his own existence. It wasn't until he encountered a priest named Jikaku that Sanzo learned to cope with the loss he suffered. It's around this time that he begins to hear a voice calling out to him.

Although Sanzo's first instinct is to ignore the voice, it  becomes so loud and so insistent that he embarks on a journey to hunt down its source. This leads him to the mountain and the prison housing Son Goku. When Sanzo reaches between the bars of the prison keeping Goku in, Goku's bonds deteriorate, freeing him for the first time in his memory. Sanzo (quite unwillingly at first) takes Goku in, and the two eventually form a close bond.

Nice to meet'cha!


AGE: 24

EXPERIENCE: I'm estimating here, but around 12 years or so. I'm new to DW though, so please forgive any silly mistakes!


Skype: crazehsunshine




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