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AGE: 25

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SERIES: Saiyuki


REFERENCE:  History link!

CANON POINT: Between the end of Saiyuki Reload and the beginning Saiyuki Reload Blast, after the battle with Ukoku.

SEXUALITY: Unknown- he’s never shown an interest in sex or intimacy, but it’s never stated as out of the question entirely.

PERSONALITY: Genjo Sanzo is not known for being a pleasant person. He’s abrasive, short-tempered, and straightforward in a way that leaves little room for niceties. You want the truth from Sanzo, you’re going to get it, sans sugar.

That isn’t to say he’s what you would call a “bad person.” Sanzo is a priest after all, and while he seems disdainful towards most religious trappings, he does serve as a guide and source of inspiration and advice when the situation calls for it. He can he surprisingly insightful and wise despite his age. Also, even though he’s tried very hard to live a life free of attachments of any kind, he does have close relationships with his three travelling companions: Gojyo, Hakkai, and Goku.

Son Goku is by far the one Sanzo is closest to. In a past life, he was Goku’s caretaker; and unknown to both of them, he’s taken on that role a second time. Goku is the one who is most capable of getting around Sanzo’s prickly personality and emotional walls. Their relationship is very much like that of a father and son.

Cho Hakkai- or as he was once known, Gonou- was a murderer that Sanzo was tasked with bringing to justice for his crimes. Ultimately, Sanzo argued in Hakkai’s favor in front of his “jury,” leading to Hakkai gaining a new name and a new life. Neither man is prone to emotional attachment, but they are very comfortable in each other’s presence all the same (which might not sound like much, but it's a big deal for these two).

Sha Gojyo is the one Sanzo has the rockiest relationship with. He embodies two of the things Sanzo has claimed to hate most in the world: perverts and insects (Gojyo is often referred to as a cockroach in canon due to his hairstyle). Sanzo is easily irritated by Gojyo’s raucous nature, and Gojyo gets easily pissed off by Sanzo’s high-and-mighty attitude. Still, when it comes down to it, they do manage to work together and even get along every once in a while.

These three individuals are the only ones Sanzo could ever really claim to be close to in any respect. Still, he never shows any strong emotional attachment to any of them under normal circumstances and does his best to live by the Buddhist principle of “holding nothing”- that is to say, having no earthly attachments. This staunch refusal to hold anything dear stems from the loss of his master and father figure, Koumyou Sanzo, when Sanzo himself was just a child. Koumyou was murdered while protecting Sanzo, an incident that left him lost and revenge-driven for many years.

Sanzo has never been shown to have any romantic or sexual interest with anyone. Even before Koumyou’s death he wasn’t very sociable or open to others, but his distaste for sex could be linked back to his childhood, where it was implied some of the priests residing in the same temple had illicit relationships with underage boys. It’s unclear what sort of impact this had on Sanzo since the topic is barely breached in canon, but it does tie in with a more relevant event: after he left the temple in search of Koumyou’s murderer, Sanzo was forced to kill in order to defend himself. His first murder was a child molester who showed every intention of raping Sanzo before the young boy put a bullet through his head. This murder- no matter how justified- scarred the young Sanzo, and it’s this mun’s opinion that Sanzo’s distaste for perverts and even sex in general has at least some roots in this incident.

Pair this with Sanzo’s extreme distrust in others, his single-minded focus on his mission, and his unwillingness to get attached to something he could eventually lose, and it’s clear to see how Sanzo went the majority of his life without lovers, let alone friends. Still, things have started to change for Sanzo since he met the rest of his traveling party. He trusts in them as he trusts in very few people: trusts them not to betray him, trusts them not to die and leave him left behind to deal with the fallout, trusts them to do what they must do to further their mission. Though he might be failing at “holding nothing,” he has grown as a person through his connection with each of them.

Sanzo’s strength lies in his pragmatism and his pride. He’s a quick thinker and is willing to do what has to be done without worrying over it for too long. He also rarely doubts himself once he’s made a decision. His weakness is, of course, what was mentioned above. He’s not great at charming people, or even just getting along with them in general. He won’t go out of his way to be disagreeable (unless you’ve made him angry or otherwise irritated him somehow, which to be fair is rather easy to do), but neither will he make any effort to be particularly kind. 


  • The Maten Sutra: There are five sutras in the world of Saiyuki, each one under the care of a different Sanzo priest (the term "Sanzo" is actually a rank and not a proper name). Sanzo is currently in possession of the Maten Sutra. Usually, the power of the sutra is inert, and he wears it in the traditional manner draped over his shoulders. When Sanzo is able to concentrate and say the appropriate chant, however, the sutra expands to many times its size and is capable of attacking and binding foes.

  • Smith & Wesson M36: Sanzo took one weapon with him when he set out after Koumyou’s murder, and this was it. The revolver is Sanzo’s main offensive tool. Though he often purposefully misses when shooting at Goku or Gojyo in close quarters  (which he does whenever they annoy him- this is often), his aim is spot-on in a fight.

  • Harisen: This is mostly a gag weapon, but you wouldn’t want to feel its wrath anyway. This paper fan is something Sanzo usually uses on Goku for a few sharp blows to the head. It’s a mystery where he keeps it at any given time, but rest assured that it will appear in his hand when he needs it.


SUITABILITY: As I mentioned in more detail above, Sanzo has little experience and a lot of hang-ups when it comes to sex and romance. However, since Sanzo has continued to grow and change in canon, I feel like he’s in a good place to start exploring those urges for perhaps the first time in his life. Within the parameters of this game, he’ll be forced to examine his physical needs, preferences, and his interactions with others (including two castmates who will also be apping in this round). It won’t be an easy road for Sanzo, but there is plenty of room for character growth here for him alongside the physical aspects of the game.


What do you think is your best feature or characteristic?
My ability to put up with bullshit.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would you bring and why? No, you can not bring a boat. Rope. A weapon of some kind- I'd prefer to have a gun, but if bullets are limited then that would be pointless. A machete then. And if the sutra counts as a third item, then that's it.

Do you prefer fresh air or air conditioning? Why? Depends on the weather. I would rather have fresh air, but there's a reason I had an air conditioning unit installed in the temple. The summers here are too damn hot.

If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do? Reserve a single room at a nice, quiet hotel. I'm tired of sharing rooms with four other men.

If you were any animal, what would you be? I'd rather just stay human. 

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be? 
... should probably practice driving the Jeep.

Have you ever had something happen to you that you thought was bad but it turned out for the best? I had to hunt down a monkey once that kept calling out for me over and over again. It was constant. After I found him, he ended up following me home. I guess it hasn't been half bad since.

What was the last experience that made you a stronger person?
I have to strengthen my willpower every day to deal with the constant bickering and mindless assassins.

THIRD PERSON EXAMPLE: A link to an example from Proxima Test Drive Meme #2.



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